Monday, May 18, 2009

Head Drawing Step by Step

This drawing was done with B-6B General Charcoal Pencils and Vine on standard Charcoal paper.

1) Toned paper with Vine. It's important to repeat this step until a flat tone is achieved. A chamois was used then a cotton cloth.

2) Construction Drawing. Please see Handouts above .

3) laying in of the shadow shapes and planes.

4) Modeling of the form. I used a soft paint brush and a cotton cloth to push the charcoal around. Careful not to take off too much.

5) I decided to lay in the background to add a greater sense of light on her face. I liked the abstract shapes that framed her face.


  1. when i saw this drawing after mallory posed it on facebook, my jaw dropped. it is stunning! beautiful draftsmanship. i wish i could have taken your class when i was at LCAD...

  2. This is so helpful. Any chance you could post the handout you mention in construction drawing? Judy