Friday, June 26, 2009

Constructing the Head

Drawing the head was a always hit or miss situation for me. If the model happened to be 'easy' to draw then I would be able to get a decent drawing, but if the model wasn't, then, my drawing was doomed. I was completely controlled by whoever happened to sit for the pose.

Well, after years of hit or miss drawings I decided to go back to the beginning and revisit how to construct the head. I now know that there is never a reason to blame the model, only the lack of knowledge I had. Drawing the head is a multiple step process. Below is a list of the process I most often take in order of steps.

1) Circle for cranium - "V" for jaw
2) Construction lines and abstractions of the planes
3) Lay in shadow shapes
4) work edges - Form shadows vs cast shadows
5) work shadow shapes until likeness is achieved

Above are handouts for construction, abstractions, and proportions and below is a list of proportions of the head most commonly used.

1) Tear Ducts = 1/2 point of head
2) space between eyes = one eye length
3) 1/3's = hairline to brow, brow to base of nose, nose to chin.

Coming next is an example of a step by step head drawing, then we'll get into shadow shapes.