Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Graphite Drawing of Hannah

Here's a Graphite drawing. Working with graphite is very different from charcoal. Graphites are hard in nature and are meant to be layered to create even tones. One tip is to not manually blend graphite, it will bruise and look dirty. You want to very lightly layer many strokes from a very sharp point. Always resharpen the pencil and try to work slowly. Don't try to do too much at one time. Slow and steady building of flat tones works best with graphite.

Graphite pencils start with very hards onto softer pencils. H being the Hardest, F being Mid-hard, and B being softer. Here is a breakdown from hardest to soft.


In this drawing I started with masking in her whole shape, including her hat as a light flat shape (4H). Then I worked darker on top of that tone, eventually getting into the darkest darks (4B).

When starting a graphite drawing it can be difficult to work at a steady pace. It may seem as if not much progress is being made. Just keep layering lightly with a very sharp point and eventually the marks begin to layer and cancel one another out to create a flat tone. Working light to dark very slowly is the key.